Place: Russia

Expanding your teaching capacities

Our students range from beginner to advanced, which means your work teaching English in Russia will enable you to interact with younger learners, adults and corporate students. As our students range from starter to proficient and everything in between which means that you’ll be expanding your teaching capabilities. Whatever age group you teach, you will be contributing directly to the international potential of your students.

Warm atmosphere in our English teaching schools

While teaching English in Russia with EF, you will have the chance to take part in a variety of extracurricular activities ranging from barbecues to film nights to football competitions. For our younger learners, we sponsor week-long themed winter and summer camps in the countryside. You are more than just a teacher at EF, you are part of a community of learners who want to know what you know!

Finding the best teaching instructors for Russia

With Russia’s entrance on to the world stage, Russia is exploding with demand for high quality English language education. Our aim is to find the best English teaching instructors to help Russia talk to the world. From the imperial palaces of western Russia to the modern cities of the southern Steppes, teaching English in Russia with EF will open your eyes to a great new world that awaits you.


English Language Teaching in Russia

New experience of English language teaching

English language teaching in Russia is a new kind of experience. Forget the images of a Soviet past; today’s Russia is alive with dazzling contemporary culture and democratic change. Dior and Armani have replaced images of Marx and Lenin as the country fuses communist austerity with capitalist indulgence. Russia is experiencing a rebirth; by teaching English language with EF, you can be there to experience it up close.

Renew your spirit while teaching in Russia

English language teaching in Russia will offer you an excellent opportunity to experience an exciting country in transition. The largest country on earth, Russia has recently flung open its doors to the world and become a formidable force of modern day art and culture. When teaching English language, you will find a renewed spirit for the historic past and growing enthusiasm for tomorrow’s potential.

Help us bring English language to this shifting country

As Russia continues to delight and surprise in its transformation, EF English First is part of this change. With over 35 English language schools across the country and new schools opening all the time, EF is experiencing rapid expansion in this region. By teaching with EF, you will be part of this development. English language teaching in Russia is your ticket to see this incredible country first-hand.


Cost of Living in Russia

Affordable cost of living

Sure, Moscow is known for the nouveau glitz and glam, but the cost of living in Russia can be completely affordable and can also make it a comfortable place to live in. The image of a visitor to Russia is very different from the reality of living as a local. Russia can be an expensive place to live if you live like a Russian mogul or expatriate business traveler. But your average citizen will find living in in this country to be reasonable and comfortable. Apartments are affordable, transportation is cheap and convenient, utilities are inexpensive and local phone calls are free.

Cut the cost, save your rubles

Outside of the major metropolitan areas, the cost of living gets even cheaper with food and transportation costing only a fraction of a teacher’s monthly salary. Though the cost of living in Russia has increased over the last few years, everyday living costs remain comparably low. And if you want to save more of your hard earned rubles, many teachers choose to share flats to divide costs.

Typical costs and prices

If you are still not convinced, check out some averages costs and prices for several basic necessities in Russia:

There is no council (local housing) tax to pay

Utilities expenses are cheap, less than 1,000 RUB ($40US)/month

Local telephone land-line calls are free

Cable TV and Internet connection approx 1,300 RUB ($52US)/month

The cost of mobile phone text messaging is extremely cheap

Western style restaurants have western style prices, but local Russian restaurants, cafes and bars have far more affordable prices and offer good wholesome fare.


Teaching Jobs in Russia

Teaching jobs with competitive employment package

With EF, you’ll have an amazing life experience with a fantastic employment package. Teaching jobs in Russia with EF allow teachers to have a good lifestyle in the country, with a monthly salary equivalent to that of a local, well-paid manager.

What’s more, EF offers you benefits which enable you to have the adventure of your life, with a safety net. Our standard package includes international benefits to make your transition to the new teaching position more comfortable.

Our package for teaching jobs in Russia includes:

Competitive salary

Accommodation assistance

Official work-visa and permits

Roundtrip flight reimbursement

Comprehensive medical insurance

Baggage and property insurance

Teachers professional development training

Academic support

Paid vacation in addition to public holidays


Housing and accommodation for teachers

Fully furnished accommodation is arranged for all EF teachers. In some cases, the housing is arranged in advance for you by your school. In other cases, EF will put you up in a hotel for the first 10 days and help you secure accommodation to your liking.

Teaching visas

EF offers legal teaching jobs in Russia. All EF teachers have correct working papers and relevant visas. You will be guided through the visa application process by your Director of Studies.

Insurance highlights


Specially designed for EF’s teaching jobs in Russia

EF pays all premiums

Medical and accident insurance

Baggage and property insurance

Round the clock coverage

Worldwide assistance service


Teaching hours

Contracts for teaching jobs in Russia are for 40-real-hours per week, including an average 28 hours of teaching. Hours of work will mirror those of similar local schools and will almost certainly involve working in the morning, in the evening and possibly the weekends.

Academic and teaching support

EF is committed to teacher training and sponsors regular teacher workshops. These workshops, which often focus on a series of skills from teaching vocabulary to developing learner autonomy, are intended to help our teachers realize their full potential and do their jobs better.


EF teachers in Russia enjoy 10 paid vacation days per year in addition to national holidays.

Information from English First who provide job placings in three countries