Place: Indonesia


Diverse teaching experience

When teaching English in Indonesia with EF English First, you get to do it all. We specialize in teaching all levels of students, from early elementary to teens, from young adults to business professionals. When you teach English in Indonesia, you will be supported with EF English First courses geared specifically towards each age group. Whatever the profile of the student you teach, you will have the opportunity to expand your teaching potential.

Be part of an international teaching team

When you join our team teaching English in Indonesia, you will not only discover a new country and language, but will also join a fun international community of teachers who share the same interest as you. You’ll sit next to teachers from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia in addition to local Indonesian teachers. You’ll learn as in the teacher’s room as you do in the classroom.

Take your pick of teaching locations

EF runs over 65 schools throughout more than 33 Indonesian cities. This gives our teachers more freedom in deciding where they want to be. If it is a big city experience you are after, EF operates in Indonesia’s bustling urban cities. For those seeking a more authentic rural experience, there are also teaching opportunities in locations farther afield too.

Make a difference in Indonesia

Our mission is simple: to break down the barriers of language, culture and geography that divide us. In the past four decades, EF’s English language teaching programs have helped people of all ages, develop not only the tools to communicate, but also the confidence and skills needed for a successful life. By teaching English in Indonesia with EF, you will become an important part of our mission to help Indonesia talk to the world.


English Language Teaching in Indonesia

English language teaching that promises something for everyone

If variety is the spice of life, than Indonesia has it all. Indonesia is alive with spirit and beauty – where else will you find such a blend of cultures and religions living with such zeal? From the buzz of Jakarta’s melting-pot of all indigenous cultures to the pristine rainforests of Sumatra, English language teaching in Indonesia truly has something for everyone.

Combine English language teaching and traveling

A series of 18,000 islands between the Asian and Australian continent, Indonesia is a country to be discovered. EF English First has over 65 English language teaching schools throughout Indonesia, making it the largest English language provider in the country. Teaching English with EF will enable you to live near the rice paddies of Surabaya by week, experience the beaches of Bali on the weekend, and explore the volcanoes of Mt. Bromo over the national holiday. An adventure awaits you in teaching English in Indonesia.

Teaching English to warm, friendly people

Making friends and getting to know people is a snap in Indonesia. Teaching English in Indonesia is a great way to met fascinating new people who you never would have met if you played it safe and stayed at home. Here, you will be greeted with warmth and a smile. You will find people approachable and welcoming, and before you know it, you will be invited into people’s lives and homes. If what interests you about Indonesia is the spirit of the people, then you will not be disappointed; English language teaching in Indonesia is the job to choose.


Teaching Jobs in Indonesia

Teaching jobs that offer an excellent package

EF English First teachers enjoy an excellent package that will afford you a great lifestyle. Compared to other ESL teaching jobs in Indonesia you will find that EF provides their teachers a highly competitive remuneration package.

EF’s teaching jobs in Indonesia offer a monthly salary paid in local currency and equivalent to that of a local, well paid Indonesian manager. When you teach with EF, you can afford a lifestyle you never thought possible: get a housekeeper, have massages and enjoy restaurant meals on a regular basis.

Employment package for our teaching jobs includes:

Competitive salary

Accommodation or housing allowance

Official work-visa and permits

Roundtrip flight reimbursement

Comprehensive medical insurance

Baggage and property insurance

Professional development training

Academic support

Paid vacation in addition to public holidays


Roundtrip flights

100% reimbursement will be provided for a flight to their home country for all teachers who complete a 12-month teaching contract. In addition, for each year you continue your teaching job in Indonesia with EF, you will be provided an annual flight reimbursement to your home country.

Accommodation for teaching staffs

Your teaching jobs in Indonesia with EF will allow you to enjoy living in a fully-furnished house, typically shared with 2-4 other teachers. In some cases, you will have a housing allowance. Utility bills and taxes are often included when accommodation is provided.

Teaching visas

EF offers legal teaching jobs in Indonesia. We will sponsor your official work visa and legal working papers as well as all relevant ID cards as required by the Indonesian government.

Health insurance

All EF teachers in Indonesia will be provided with nationally-sponsored health insurance.

Teaching hours

Your hours of work are predominantly in the afternoon and evening. Depending on school size and location, the working week may also vary. Each teacher is employed on a 40-hour working week, which includes 24 contact hours.

Academic and teaching support

EF has a full-time academic development division which is dedicated to providing teachers with the best tool box of teaching materials possible. This means as an EF teacher, you will have all the tools you need to do your jobs better, including teaching training workshops and on-line academic seminars.


Teachers get an average of ten paid working days in addition to the public holidays in Indonesia. The centers will be closed for a week during the major Moslem holiday, Eid Fitri and another week for Christmas and New Year.


Cost of Living in Indonesia

Reasonable cost of living

As an EF teacher in Indonesia, you will be surprised at how far your money can go! The cost of living in Indonesia is very reasonable, especially if you are interested in experiencing the culture as a true insider.

Many EF teachers in Indonesia enjoy the option of sharing a house or apartment with other EF teachers to split the cost. If you eat local food from local restaurants or food stalls and shop in local markets, you can cut even more cost and end up with a fatter wallet.

Lower living cost, higher quality of life

You will find that the combination of your competitive salary with EF and the relatively low cost of living in Indonesia will give you purchasing power much greater than in your own country. EF teachers make a great living by local standards and they often tell us that their salary offers them a great quality of life. With your salary you can afford a lifestyle that you did not think possible back home: eat-out and take taxis, go to the spa, fly to Bali for the weekend.

Approximate prices and costs

Here is just a sample of what your cost of living in Indonesia could be:

A dish from a local restaurant: $1-$2.50

Starbuck’s coffee: $2.50

Paperback book: $0.90-$1.50

Pre paid cell phone card: $1-$5

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice): $0.70

Soft drink (cola etc): $0.30

Bintang beer: $0.75

Heineken beer: $1.50

Fresh fruit: $0.20-$1.50

Local brand toiletries: $1.50-$2.50

A package of instant noodles: $0.15

Refill bottled water (1gallon): $0.90