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Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China with EF combines an unforgettable experience with a rewarding job. You can learn Mandarin, travel the country and meet fascinating people. At the same time you’ll gain valuable teaching experience abroad in an organization committed to delivering the best English training program to every student.

EF gives you the excitement of teaching English in China with the stability of a safe, reliable employer committed to your professional development.

Teach English and learn about China

When you teach English in China, you will be interacting with the current and future leaders of the country. It is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how Chinese people see the outside world.

We have students of all ages from 6 year old to professionals. Our corporate clients are executives at large Chinese firms or multinational corporations. We are currently hiring teachers specialized in teaching either young learners or professionals. You may also apply to teach a mixture of class types.


Teach English in a pleasant environment

As soon as you walk into one of our schools, you will understand that teaching English in China with EF is not like teaching in any other Chinese school. Creating a welcoming environment conducive to learning is our highest priority. Teachers and other staff members are relaxed, students stay after class to chat, and there’s a general buzz of friendly productvity.

EF schools have customized classrooms for each student age group. For young learners, classrooms have smaller furniture, colorful murals and heated flooring to create a comfortable, stimulating environment. Adult classrooms have modern desks, projectors and interactive white boards. All our schools are equipped with computer labs, bright student lounges and teacher preparation areas.

Join our teaching staff, make a difference

EF English teaching programs help people of all nationalities and ages become global citizens. Mastery of English opens up a world of opportunities for our students. By teaching English in China, you will make a real difference in each student’s life.








Live and teach in China as a true insider

Immerse yourself in a new culture while teaching English in China. Unique cultural experiences are available for those who have the energy and inclination; martial arts, calligraphy, language, Chinese massage and even camel riding in the desert.

Teaching English to remarkable people

Meet remarkable people through your English language teaching experience. Interacting with your students is a sure fire way to understand the country as a local would. You will make friendships that will last a lifetime and come away with amazing stories to tell and pictures to show.

Teach yourself 5,000 years of history

With over 5,000 years of history, China has a thousand faces; from the Great Wall to Shanghai’s silhouetted skyline, serene deserts to urban centers, Tibetan monks to Sichuan pandas; you can see it all here in China.

Tasting the best of Chinese cuisine

Many consider China to be the world’s greatest culinary nation. Experience the Imperial cuisine of Beijing, the exotic spices of Sichuan or the tasty dim sum of Guangzhou. If duck feet don’t appeal to you, don’t worry because here you can find everything from Kellogg’s to McDonalds, and usually it’s just around the corner.

Teacher qualifications in China

Candidate profile

Our requirements vary depending on city. The qualifications listed below apply to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. There is some flexibility in other locations, although the same qualifications are still preferred.

  • A genuine interest in teaching and education
  • 1+ year teaching experience, preferably in EFL or ESL
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • TEFL certificate
  • Native English speaker
  • Passport issued by an English-speaking country
  • Enthusiasm, positive attitude, willingness to learn, good team spirit & investment in student success
  • Aged 24 to 55 (due to China working visa requirements)


Cost of Living in China

Low cost of living

Although prices in China are rising, the cost of living still compares favorably to most industrialized countries. You will be amazed by how comfortably you can live and how strong your purchasing power is. You can afford a lifestyle you are unlikely to be enjoying at home: get a housekeeper, travel every month, enjoy frequent restaurant meals, massages, and nights on the town. Even wear tailor-made clothes!

Food prices in China

Eating local food and buying produce from the Chinese markets gives our English teachers amazing insight into the Chinese diet and a glimpse at traditional Eastern medicine. It also leaves them with money in their pockets for massages and traveling.

  • Milk (1L) : 7 RMB
  • Eggs (12) : 7 RMB
  • Carrots (1kg) : 5 RMB
  • Chicken breast (1kg) : 15 RMB
  • Rice (1kg) : 8 RMB
  • Bottle of water (1.5L) : 3 RMB
  • Bottle of Chinese beer (.5L) : 4 RMB

Leisure activities in China

China has a wide range of regional cuisines and eating out is the best way to discover this variety. Chinese people eat out frequently and often entertain friends and colleagues in restaurants instead of having them into their homes. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with friends, working out at the fitness club, or getting a massage, you’ll find that leisure activities are often very affordable in China.

  • Three course mid-range restaurant dinner : 80 RMB
  • Quick restaurant meal of rice or noodles : 25 RMB
  • Large steamed dumplings, a common street food : 3 RMB
  • Housekeeper (2 hours) : 30 RMB
  • Massage (30 min) : 40 RMB
  • 1 month fitness club membership : 150 RMB
  • Movie ticket, international release : 65 RMB

Cost of transportation in China

China has excellent, yet inexpensive, public transport and even taxi rides are quite reasonably-priced, if sometimes harrowing. Chinese people often commute by bicycle, but this mode of transport is only for the bravest of foreigners.

  • Metro ride : 3 RMB
  • Taxi rate per km : 2.2 RMB
  • 20-min taxi ride across town : 25 RMB
  • City bus : 2 RMB

Inexpensive travel in China and beyond

Any traveler on a budget will love taking trains in China. Trains are numerous and increasingly high speed rail services connect large regional cities. Domestic flights are also usually inexpensive. There is some seasonal variation and prices rise during national holidays like Chinese New Year.

  • 1 night in a mid-range hotel : 350 RMB
  • High speed train, Guangzhou to Wuhan (3 hours): 490 RMB
  • Slow train, Guangzhou to Wuhan (10 hours) : 120 RMB
  • Flight, Guangzhou to Beijing (2 hours) : 800 RMB
  • Flight, Guangzhou to Bangkok (3 hours) : 1300 RMB

Reasonably priced custom made clothes

The cost of having clothes tailor made is very affordable. Once you discover the joys of custom-fit clothing, it may be difficult to go back to the rack!

  • 1 tailor-made button down shirt : 150 RMB
  • 1 tailor-made skirt : 150 RMB
  • 1 tailor-made business suit : 500 RMB
  • T-shirt : 50 RMB
  • Pair of jeans : 200 RMB

Sample EF English teacher monthly budget

To give you an idea of how an average EF English teacher in China spends his or her salary, here is a sample monthly budget:

  • Gross Income (Salary) : 12,350 RMB
  • Rent : 3500 RMB
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water) : 250 RMB
  • Phone & Internet : 300 RMB
  • Food : 1500 RMB
  • Insurance : 295 RMB
  • Remaining Disposable Income : 6,505 RMB

Note: All China cost of living estimates are approximate averages for large Chinese cities. Prices do change and vary from location to location.

Information from English First who provide job placings in three countries