Place: Cambodia

How to Find Work


The easiest way to find teaching work in Cambodia is to just show up in the country and start handing your CV out to schools. It is possible to find work before you arrive either online or by contacting the schools directly, but most directors at schools in Cambodia prefer to meet you in person and see that you are already in the country before they hire you. Additionally, many schools in Cambodia do not advertise job postings online, so it can be difficult to secure a job prior to being in the country.


Volunteer Teaching in Cambodia

Cambodia is a developing country and as such, many people throughout the country still struggle to get by. Education, especially in foreign languages, is extremely important given that tourism is a huge industry in Cambodia, but unfortunately it is a luxury many cannot afford. Volunteers teachers can make a huge difference helping to train people of all ages basic English language skills.



Phnom Penh Cost of Living


Budget: US $2-4.00

Moderate:: US $5-10.00

High: US $10.00 and up


Budget: US $2-8.00

Mid-range: US $10-45.00

High: US.$50.00 and up

For the most part, Phnom Penh is an inexpensive place to visit. Budgeters can probably get by in Phnom Penh on US $10.00 a day and accommodations can be as cheap as US$2.00, and you can feed yourself for about US $2-3. If you want to travel out of the capital you’ll need to spend more, transport can be a major expense. The entrance fee at Angkor Wat is approximately US $20.00 Mid-range travel is very reasonable, with good accommodations from US$15-25 can be found. Decent meals will set you back US $5.

The US dollar can be used everywhere. The Thai Baht are also widely accepted. Cash advances on credit cards is possible but be advised that changing travellers cheques outside Phnom Penh can be difficult. As of this writing, there are no ATMs and credit cards other than at major hotels are rarely accepted.

Tipping and gratuities for good service will be gratefully accepted but is generally not expected in Phnom Penh. Bargaining is a must in markets, when hiring vehicles and sometimes even when booking a room.

High-end accomodation is available in Phnom Penh.