How Teach English Abroad


These are great starter reasons to leave your home.

1) No real skills and you don’t have a job.

2) Not married no real ties.

3) You Just need to get away for a while.

Well Maybe you do possess a certain gift that is in high demand abroad. What is it? Yes, your speaker of English, and hay presto that can make you money overseas. as long as you are prepared to pass that skill on to others.

But I can not speak the language in the country I want to teach in. No need your there to teach English, not converse in the local language, and believe me you do not want to ever translate everything you are trying to teach. You find out more about the reason why later. anyway, just because you speak the English as you native tongue, does not mean you can be an effective teacher. There are things you need to know.

What is your motivation to teach English? knowing the reason will help you decide where you go to, although everything will depend on the program you take part in, and location, Salary, benefits,

LOCATION. Where ever you decide to go, consider large cities are more expensive to live in than small places, which doesn’t help if you are trying to save cash, You would think it is better to stay away from bigger cities. But that is not always the case. in my experience big cities offer much better, there are many more job opportunities and also the option of possible doing a little corporate work, to generate extra income.

SALARY. Looking to make loads of money, then look for a different job, Salaries are usually on the low side, but often more than the locals get paid. Of cause there are exception, though few and far between. all of this depends on the country and qualifications you have.

BENEFITS. If you are careful on the jobs you except then these can be really nice. quite often receiving a contract that includes holiday pay, health insurance and sometime accommodation. Bare in mind that many teaching positions insist on a one year contract term.

REQUIREMENTS. What qualifications do I need? Well this is a difficult question to answer, as most position require a degree, but in many many cases this is not always adhered to. one thing you really do need is a TEFL/TESOL certificate. this along with the fact that you are a native speaker, will often get you the job.

Author: Sean Graham