FC Technology: Exercise

Technology: Exercise



Here are three applications of technology that are commonly used for language learning.


  • Evernote PDF
    An application that allows users to copy, collect, sort, and annotate information, either from the Internet or from direct input.
  • Netvibes PDF
    An application that works as a start page with tabs and widgets, including mail, photos, podcasting, RSS readers, etc.
  • Twitter PDF



• A micro-blogging service that allows users to send brief messages to those who are listed as friends.
Create a teaching idea in foreign languages based on one of these applications. Remember to keep in mind the four topics presented in this module (time on task, context, chunks & scripts, input vs. intake).
1. In what ways might learners modify the use of this application for language learning purposes? In what ways might teachers?
2. Does this application seem to apply better to beginning, intermediate, or advanced students.
3. What sort of deliverable or evidence of work could come from a learner’s use of this application?
4. How does your idea apply to the concepts that were presented in this module?
The beginning teachers brainstormed some ways to use Evernote. In the following clip, Vince suggests that Evernote could be used as a way for students to build a personal portfolio “sandbox”. They could then modify the entries and present a public site as a shared portfolio. As you view this clip, think of some of the positive aspects of this idea and some of the challenges that would get in the way of its implementation.


Vince discusses how to use Evernote for portfolios.
Duration: 00:32

In this clip, Sarah offers another application of Evernote, suggesting that her ESL student go around town documenting various activities (e.g., getting on a bus). That documentation could then be used as part of a class project. Listen to the clip and think of ways to actually put this idea into practice.


Sarah discusses using Evernote for an activity in her ESL class.
Duration: 00:57

Following up on the in-class brainstorming session, Sarah and Elena developed a plan for a semester-long project for an ESL class using the Evernote site.



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