FC Pragmatics: Exercise

Pragmatics: Exercise

Speech Act Activity



Complete the exercise f you are taking the exam, you will need to submit it to your tutor.

Think of an interaction in which cross-cultural and/or cross-linguistic differences are displayed between a target language and the learners’ L1. After you illustrate the differences, think of ways use that information to learn (1) new vocabulary; (2) grammar; (3) pragmatic expressions; and (4) sociocultural rules.


The following videos present ideas that groups in the class brainstormed together:



Greetings in German.

Duration: 01:30




Spanish compliments.

Duration: 00:54



Chinese invitations.

Duration: 03:35

Now take a look at lesson plans created individually by our participating language teachers.


Formal vs. Informal (Spanish)

Dialogue (German)

Invitations (Chinese)

Making Requests (Chinese)


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