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Classroom Management:




Design a Classroom


Working with a partner, design an ideal language classroom that would best fit your institutional reality as you know it. How would it differ from your ideal classroom? How can you compensate for a less-than-ideal classroom? Take into consideration such things as availability or classroom space, budgets, matching room capacity to class size, etc. Have one partner imagine a classroom that would best serve the teacher and students, and the other take the role of an administrator who keeps the teacher in check.

Watch the presentations and discussion of considerations in designing an ideal classroom, and see sketches produced by our participating language teachers.


Presentation of an ideal classroom.

Duration: 04:55

View the classroom sketch

On student laptops.

Duration: 00:56

On the importance of flexibility of a classroom design.

Duration: 03:14

View the classroom sketch

On classroom lighting.

Duration: 01:43

On posters and similar display items in a classroom.

Duration: 02:56

View the classroom sketch




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