Assessment: Exercise

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Assessment for Learning



Imagine you are planning a beginning level language class. Think of an assessment that you might need in this class. Consider the Why? What? and How? Create an assessment plan that would apply assessment for learning.


Han and Yue present an assessment of character recognition (Chinese).

Duration: 03:43

View the finished assessment plan PDF



Anke and Judith present an assessment of speaking and writing skills (German).

Duration: 02:02



Vince and Veronica describe an assessment of integrated skills (Dutch).

Duration: 02:12

View the finished assessment plan PDF



Elena and Sarah develop an assessment for reading, writing, and vocabulary (ESL).

Duration: 03:13

View the finished assessment plan PDF

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[Module Instructor Dr. Lia Plakans]. 2010. [Assessment]. In Foreign Language Teaching Methods. Carl Blyth, Editor. Texas Language Technology Center, University of Texas at Austin. http://coerll.utexas.edu

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