The  20-Hour Online TEFL Course

Get a TEFL qualification in a short space of time.  This short course is designed to give a concise understanding of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

While this maybe expectable to get a job in Spain, Japan and several other countries. It is recommended that you take the 120 hour course, which is a minimal qualification in other countries.

However if you take this taster course, then later decide to take the 120 hour TEFL course, we will refund your £49.00 from the cost of the 120 hour course.


What’s included?

  • 2o Hour Online Course – The Basics of Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course.

Unit one: Introduction into the TEFL Teaching World.

Unit 2: behaviorism vs innatism

Unit 3: How to use behaviorism in the classroom.

Unit 4: How Do Children Learn Language?

Unit 5: Teaching the four skills

  • Assess to our sites advice and teaching materials.
  • A Basic of TEFL Course Certificate.
  • Our help and advice in finding work.
  • Free downloadable teaching books.
  • Free Reference letter and contact details for you prospective employer to contact us regarding your course completion.

START TODAY Just £49.00

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