150 Hour Tesol Diploma Course

150 Hour TESOL Diploma Course

The Diploma in TESOL is specifically targeted at those who are interested in teaching English as a second or foreign language. The most important consideration is that students must be fluent in both oral and written English at proficiency level. You are assigned a personal tutor as soon as you enroll, who will give you help and guidance through the course, as well as marking your assignments.

On completion, students will: understand how language is acquired understand what constitutes errors in a language.

Know the principles on which modern language teaching is based, understand what phonetic and phonology are.

Know which methodologies can be used to teach English.

Know how to use materials and aids to teach English in the classroom.

Know how to organize the class know how to design lesson plans


The course contains 18 modules. You can work at your own pace when you have time and therefore have control over how long you will take to finish the course, and earn your Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The course is complete in itself and you do not need to buy any other materials. You will need approximately 6 or 7 months to complete the course, based on studying just a couple of hours a day, but could be completed in less time if you have the available free time. There are no constraints on time to complete.

Each module is accompanied with assignments that you must complete and send to your tutor by e-mail. Your tutor will mark and grade your work. You can e-mail or possible call your personal tutor as often as you need to. Your tutor will do his or her best to reply to you the same or following day. If your assignment needs to be improved your tutor will make helpful suggestions. You can submit each assignment as many times as it takes get a minimal pass grade of C.


Module A: Behavior and How Children Learn

Module Direction.

In this module we are going to look at language acquisition .

Module B: Synthetic Phonics/Grammar

Module Direction.

In this module we are going to look at synthetic phonics and parts of speech.

Module C: Four Skills Strategies.

Module Direction.

In this module we are going to learn about some teaching strategies for the four skills.

Module D: Lesson Planning

Module Direction.

Lesson Planning In this module we are going to look at lesson planning.

Module 1:

Contextualizing Language

Module 2:

Building Language Awareness

Module 3:

Integrating Skills

Module 4:


Module 5:

Learner Feedback

Module 6:

Managing Large Classes

Module 7:

Learning Strategies

Module 8:

Authentic Materials.

Module 9:

Critical and Creative Thinking

Module 10:

Alternative Assessment.

Module 11:

Individual Learner Differences.

Module 12:

Younger Learners – K5

Module 13:

Peer Observations

Module 14:

Reflective Teaching.