120 Hours TEFL Course.

120 hour Online TEFL Course

Here is our 120  Hour comprehensive online TEFL course. It will give you a complete introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The course is available to download in paper form, there is also a collection of videos to help explain some concepts.

The 120 Hour Online TEFL Course Gives You

  • An internationally recognised 120 hour TEFL certificate
  • During your Online TEFL Course, you’ll work through 10 modules, beginning with the very basics of EFL teaching, all the way through to lessons planning. with the help of your tutors who will be there with you every step of the way should you need them. :
  • In-depth grammar study where you’ll get to grips with all those tricky grammar concepts, that are long forgotten from our school days.
  • Teacher training such as class control and understanding your students levels and needs. how to correct students mistakes.
  • FREE lifetime advice and help getting work.
  • FREE access to our sites collection of teaching work sheets and lesson plans.
  • FREE TEFL language books to download.

Here is what is in your course.


Module 1:
A look at Theoretical Approaches and Methodologies

Explaining First And Second Language Learning. and an insight into methodology


Module 2: An Introduction to English Grammar

Terms and definitions –
Countable and uncountable nouns –
Tenses –
Verbs; Modal and auxiliary – Conditions

Module 3:
Learning the ins and outs of the running a classroom.

Classroom Arrangements.

Classroom Management

Bad Behavior


Module 4: How to Teach Grammar

Presenting a structure

Mistakes and correction

Recycling language

Practice and Production

You’ll cover a range of successful techniques for teaching grammar to your students, and help keep it fun


Module 5: How to Teach Vocabulary

Choosing vocabulary

How to Teach Vocabulary

Using dictionaries and activities.


Module 6: How to Teach Pronunciation

Accuracy vs. Fluency

Communication activities

Teaching Pronunciation

Organ of speech

Place of articulation

Manner of articulation

Module 7:  Teaching receptive skills

Different types of listening skills

Teaching listening skills

Materials – Aids – Games

Using the black board

Module 8: How to Teach Reading and Writing

The stages of reading

Reading strategies

The Stages of Writing

Correction of written work

Module 9: Lesson planning:

Teaching different types of classes

Pair and group work

The contents of a lesson

How to write your lesson plan

PPP lesson planning

Getting feedback


Module 10:
Teaching young learners and teenagers

Basic principles

Teaching on holiday course

practical activities and lesson types

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