50 Hour TEFL Course Details

Our 50-Hour online TEFL Certificate Course blends theory with the nuts-and-bolts essentials of teaching English to learners around the world. Candidates will get an overview of TEFL and the theories that inform the field; learn effective teaching techniques; design engaging student-centered lesson plans; and practice effective classroom management strategies.

Video back up  content will keep you engaged and learning actively. Colorful visuals, simulations, and state-of-the-art content ensure that your learning is effective, and what you need to get you started in your new career.

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150 Hour TESOL Diploma Course Details.

The Diploma in TESOL is specifically targeted at those who are interested in teaching English as a second or foreign language. The most important consideration is that students must be fluent in both oral and written English at proficiency level. You are assigned a personal tutor as soon as you enroll, who will give you help and guidance through the course, as well as marking your assignments.

On completion, students will: understand how language is acquired understand what constitutes errors in a language.

Know the principles on which modern language teaching is based, understand what phonetic and phonology are.

Know which methodologies can be used to teach English.

Know how to use materials and aids to teach English in the classroom.

Know how to organize the class know how to design lesson plans

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Free Online TESOL Course.

Study To Become A Competent

Language Teacher


The 12 modules here are  free to study

The online course is designed to give you the virtual experience of participating in the methods course alongside a diverse group of beginning foreign language teachers. A rich, interactive experience is facilitated by multimedia content, including

  • Footage of the actual methods course,
  • Videos of actual foreign language classrooms,
  • Self-correcting exercises,
  • Portfolios of sample activities, and Interviews with beginning teachers.


The site is divided into 12 modules, each focusing on one important aspect of language teaching, and each based primarily on a single class within the methods course. Within each module, the sequencing of content mirrors the real-life class—as you progress through the module, you are presented with the same material, looking at the same examples, completing the same tasks, and “sitting in” on the classroom discussions of the material. Take a moment to view  one of the 260 videos in this course.

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