Independent International Accrediting Body

Despite what some providers claim, there is NO independent international accrediting body for TESL/TEFL Certificates.

Just contact The British council Here They will confirm this.

Likewise, there is NO independent international accrediting body for schools which offer courses online.


This means that, on paper at least, every school or certificate is the same. And if a school claims its course is internationally accredited by an independent body then this isn’t true because there is no international accreditation body for online courses.


True, there are some excellent schools and some excellent certificates. But there are also some crooked schools and worthless certificates. It doesn’t matter if it is a traditional school or an online school. There are saints and sinners everywhere.

How to Choose a Good Course

We are getting an increasing number of students registering with us after being badly burned studying at several other online schools so we do urge you to be careful when you choose which school you study with.


Here are a few ways of making sure the school and certificate you take are worthwhile:

  • Are they claiming to be accredited?
  • Do they provide tutor support for students?
  • Does the school have a real address or just a PO Box? Be careful of schools which don’t allow you to easily contact them. They may be working out of someone’s bedroom!

More about Accreditation

Some online and traditional TESOL certificate providers claim accreditation with various bodies. Always check these claims! A number of these so-called accrediting bodies have been set up by the providers themselves and many charge an annual fee; this means that the accrediting body is paid by the provider which is not always a good thing.


And some for-profit accrediting bodies even charge the provider per student!


If a provider say they’re accredited, write to them and ask:

  1. is the accrediting body a government organization or ‘private’
  2. how much do they pay to be accredited
  3. do they pay per student or is it a one-off fee

About our courses:

All our courses have been written by teachers for teachers and our teacher’s collectively have over 30 years overseas English teaching experience. We can especially claim expertise in Japan and Thailand. We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have. In The member’s area, we will provide you with thousands of English teaching materials.


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